St. Patrick’s Day Treats

I know Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t a HUGE holiday, but I couldn’t resist making a few treats to celebrate it! Last weekend was Chicago’s St. Paddy’s day celebration, so I made some cupcakes.

Six Sister’s Stuff posted the most ADORABLE cupcakes for the occasion, so I gathered the required materials and made them. They were incredibly easy to make, and I think mine came out pretty good (obviously not nearly as great as they did for Six Sisters’….but hey, I tried my best). I used such simple materials to make them – Airhead Extremes (I basically have a lifetime supply now), Rolos, mini marshmallows, and gold glitter. I made my cupcake cake chocolate instead of a white cake like they did on their blog, because…#chocoholic. Simple…but they look fancy…plus, they taste delicious and are perfect for the day!

Sharing some photos of how they turned out below! I also made a pistachio cake, and anything mint would be perfect for the day of all things green.

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