Gallery Wall Art Inspiration

Ever since we moved into our current apartment this past July, I’ve been dying to put together a gallery wall. We have a large wall in our hallway that it would look so good on, but I sadly haven’t gotten around to it yet. I posted over on about how to design the perfect gallery wall, and now I am just collecting art, photos, and decorative pieces to put my own together.

I have a few art pieces that I want to include, but I still need a few more. I also want to frame some personal pictures to include on the wall – I’m really going for a mix! With that being said, I’ve been shopping around for the perfect art prints to include. I’ve rounded up some current favorites via the link below. If you’re looking for some decorative inspiration, this is the perfect place to start!

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 8.08.58 PM.png
Lobster Art | Oliver Gal Canvas | Dachshund Art | Mason Jar Art | Chocolate Art | Champagne Poster | Ginger Jar Print | Watermelon Art | Beach Weenies Print

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