Weekly Pick-Me-Up: Tea Time

New year – new blog themes! Now that the holidays are over, I am going to start posting about lots of different topics, and because Tuesdays, in my opinion, are the worst day of the week (I mean, you’re off the high from the past weekend and so far away from the next one) I want to start posting about some simple and fun favorite pick-me-ups on this day. There are so many simple life pleasures to look forward to and that can brighten any day, if you let them.

The first one I wanted to write about is tea! I have never been a huge tea drinker, but lately I’ve really enjoyed finding different flavors I like. It can be a great alternative to coffee or I love enjoying a caffeine free cup of it at night before I go to bed. Plus, there are so many fun tea accessories you get to use if you become a tea drinker (that’s half the fun, right?). For instance, this brightly colored tea kettle to pep up your kitchen or this little hippo infuser to use on the go or at work?!


Stone Teapot | Pig Tea Infuser | Tea Infusing Pot | Loose Leaf Tea Filters

As for specific teas I am loving – there are a few. For typical tea bags, Yogi makes so many great ones. Many of them cater to help specific things, like I use one called “skin detox” that helps keep my complexion clear. I also love the Celestial Peppermint Tea – it is super refreshing!

I also love loose leaf tea, and there are so many options out there. I like David’s Tea’s selection. Buddha’s Blend is a yummy white tea and my sister swears by their detox blend. I love how many seasonal flavors they have, and I use the little make-your-own tea bag filters to spoon some loose leaf tea into them and bring them to work to brew without bringing an infuser or a pitcher.
Now that I’m in a tea phase, I’m excited to find more yummy ones. If you have any favorites I should try, I’d love to hear them!

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