Easy No Bake Dessert Recipes for Holiday Gatherings

Over the holidays, when you’re running around from place to place and party to party, it can be tough to keep up with everything on your to do list. Especially when you are so busy, it can also be hard to make a dish to bring to every party or get together you attend, but you definitely don’t want to show up empty handed or bring something store bought. I always like to make something so it shows I put in effort to contribute something to the meal.

When you have a lot going on, though, you may not have the time to commit to baking a perfect cake or making a batch of cookies. If you want to bring an easy yet delicious no bake dessert, there are many recipes that make great holiday dishes. Everyone will love these and won’t even realize what a cinch it was for you to put it together!

Avalanche Cookies – these are delicious, full of flavor, and are easy to make! These come together in no time at all and only require a few ingredients. The best part is, no one will ever realize that they were easy as pie to make.

Cake batter truffles – everyone loves cake batter flavored desserts – I mean, it’d be unnatural not to like something with such a delicious taste. I also love how these use such simple ingredients, too, and can be made festive in their presentation with the Christmas M&Ms!

Brownie Batter Cheese Ball – this is a creative recipe that looks super fancy, but you definitely don’t need to spend much time pulling it together. I also love how you can pick different things to use as “dippers”. Pairing the “ball” with a variety of dippers will make for a great presentation and a sure-fire hit!

Red Velvet Cheesecake – I am a huge red velvet fan, and this cheesecake is no exception! What could be more decadent and not to mention perfect for the holiday? This recipe couldn’t be simpler and it is bound to be an instant favorite of the dessert table at any gathering.

Cheesecake Fruit Dip – to appease those who are looking to stay healthier around the holidays but still want to indulge their sweet tooth, this dip is the perfect solution! Paired with fresh fruit or graham crackers, everyone will want to lick the bowl of this dip clean! Yum!
Even if you’re running around like crazy around the holidays (and really, who isn’t?!), that doesn’t mean you can’t bring something homemade to all of your parties attended. These recipes are easy and fun to make, and they taste even better – making them a win win!

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