Easy Last Minute Gift Ideas

As the holidays grow nearer, it can get stressful to find gifts at the last minute if you haven’t exactly finished shopping for everyone on your list. However, no need to worry! There are so many easy gifts that you can buy at the last minute, yet still leave your loved ones wowed by your creativity and thoughtfulness. It can be tough to find good gifts at the last minute, because many stores tend to get pretty picked over the closer to Christmas we get. Nonetheless, here ere are some fun and easy last minute gift ideas that the recipients are bound to love.

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Cosmetic Case | Scarf | Mittens | Pom Pom Hat | Dry Shampoo | Nail Kit | Mug

Coffee or hot chocolate set – I know I have blogged about this gift idea a bunch, but it’s too perfect not to. A cute mug paired with hot chocolate packets or a Starbucks gift card is an easy to put together gift that is useful and is guaranteed to be appreciated.

Gift cards – I hate giving gift cards, but sometimes they are just the gift that will be used the most and they can certainly be what people want sometimes. Amazon gift cards are always a win, as are nail salon or spa gift cards for ladies. You can easily make these gifts more “fun” to open by pairing them with festive candy and a fun holiday card.

Winter accessories – while Christmas decor and accessories can be tough to come by this close the holidays, winter accessories will be available all season long! If you live somewhere with a cold and long winter like I do, you know all too well that the season is just beginning. Winter goodies like hats, scarves, and gloves are great gifts that will get a lot of use and there are so many options out there that it makes it easy to get this gift at the last minute.

Cosmetics – a cute cosmetic case filled with fun toiletries is always a useful and enjoyable gift to receive. Fill it with nail polish and accessories, festive chapstick, deodorant, hair ties, and makeup accessories. This will be a go-to kit of emergency or travel items for the recipient, and they will think of you every time they use any of the goodies!

Alcohol and a hangover kit – for anyone that enjoys the occasional adult beverage, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of their favorite wine or liquor as a fool-proof gift. To make it more exciting and personalized, include a hangover survival kit with it.

No matter who you’re shopping for so close to the holiday, these ideas are just generic and easy enough to make your life easier, yet they still have the pizazz to wow the recipient and leave them impressed.


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