Simple Seasonal Style Pieces

Christmas is almost here and I’m getting ready to pack to go home to Connecticut for the holiday (yay!). I was thinking about what I want to wear for the holiday and it got me thinking about holiday style pieces. There are so many out there! I didn’t buy anything new, but looking at choices for this post has me SUPER tempted! Take a look at some of my favorite choices for three themed holiday looks – dinner, a party, or just bopping around on Christmas day.


Dinner usually requires wearing something nice, but not super fancy. Plus, who doesn’t like to dress up a bit for the festivities?! I am planning to wear a simple back dress with tights and a ruffled red cardigan. Take a look at some simple and fun pieces out there right now that would be perfect to wear to Christmas dinner.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.19.46 PM.png

Black Shift Dress | BB Dakota Black Dress | Ruffled Cardigan | Bow Cardigan | Plaid Flats | Fringed Wrap | Pearl Statement Necklace | Bow Earrings | Plaid Skirt | Skimmer Pants | Scalloped Flats


It is always so fun to dress up for a holiday party! I love the glittery and metallic choices, in whether they be in black, red, or a plaid pattern.


Embellished Shift Dress | Metallic Tartan Dress | Bow Clutch | Snowflake Earrings | Red Scalloped Dress | Lace and Black Dress | Bow Pumps | Navy Heels | Fur Cowl | Velvet Clutch | Feather Dress | Glitter Scalloped Heels | Tassel Earrings


I love taking time to relax on Christmas, usually in my jammies – to be honest. But if you’re doing something more casual on Christmas and not going to be dressing up, you can still look super cute! Take a look at some comfy and adorable outfit choices below.


Bow Sweater | Plaid Bottom Sweater | Snowflake Sweater | Fair Isle Cardigan | Pom Pom Hat | Quilted Vest | Plaid Pajamas | Buffalo Plaid Poncho | Pom Pom Scarf | Penguin Socks | Slippers | Cashmere Gloves

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