Holiday Gift Wrapping Guide

I’m kind of a snob when it comes to gift wrap. I will spend an (almost) unreasonable amount of money on nice quality gift wrap to make my presents look pretty. When it comes to Christmas time, I always look out for unique and pretty gift wrap that I can use for the holiday season. A couple years ago, my BFF and I went to a gift wrapping class at Paper Source, and it was so much fun! And I actually learned a lot about how to neatly and perfectly wrap a gift, how to tie a bow, and so on. These are important life skills, people!

Anyways, take a look at some of my favorite places to buy gift wrap, spotlighting some favorite patterns for this season.

HomeGoods and Marshalls – I typically find great rolls at Marshalls and HomeGoods (and for really great prices!), but if you don’t buy it early it gets really picked over and you’ll be left with the junky and ugly papers. This year I found so many vintage themed papers at those stores, and I loved them. One year, I found a roll of dachshund themed Christmas paper at HomeGoods for $3.99 per roll that was more than that per SHEET at Paper Source. So if you hit it right, you can surely find quality picks at these stores.


The Container Store – the container store is a wrapping paper haven. I love this fun, whimsical, and colorful paper and I really wanted to get it, but I had SO much already and didn’t want my boyfriend to kill me. I also love this sparkly number in a cool chevron pattern. Finally, this Santa pattern makes for a great classic look.  

Paper Source – I love Paper Source and they always put out a great line of wrapping papers for the holidays. I will say that their paper pieces are on the smaller side, so this isn’t the best option if you have big boxes to wrap. But, the patterns are swoon worthy. This colorful pinecone paper is my favorite of theirs this season, no question!


Crate and Barrel – Crate and Barrel always has great holiday gift wrap. Their patterns tend to be on the more whimsical side, which I love, and their paper is definitely high quality. I love this mouse pattern that they have every year!

One Kings Lane – this is an online site (which I’m obsessed with!) that has some really good gift wrap that they’ve curated from other sites and vendors. This penguin print is my favorite and this moose paper is so cute too! These also come in square sheets – so not the best for large packages – but SUCH great quality paper that is bound to make an impression! Also, how adorable is this drawstring bag that they have on their site?! Perfect for a special gift and the lucky recipient can definitely reuse it! They also have a great collection of ribbon to choose from.


If you’re looking to add some extra pizzazz to your wrapped gift, I have a few ideas. My first and favorite idea is to tie a cute little (non-breakable) ornament onto your gift with the ribbon. Typically, my mom and I will buy little fun ornaments when they’re on sale after Christmas and save them for this purpose for the next year. One year we bought so many…we were tying them onto gifts for years to come! If you want to do something different, you could tie or hot glue some other fun doodads onto your gift. Michael’s has so many fun faux floral Christmas themed options on super sale this late in the season, or something simple like pinecones or a jumble of jingle bells would be perfect!

Like I said – I realize that I am a bit snobby when it comes to my wrapping paper and that many people (read: my boyfriend) find wrapping paper in general to be a giant waste of money. But I love finding the perfect paper and making my gifts look pretty, and I know a lot of other people do too. Happy wrapping!

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