Holiday Entertaining Musts

The Christmas season is already flying by, and holiday parties seem to be happening every weekend! It is so fun to host and attend these get togethers with family friends. The holiday season is such a special time of year and it is definitely the time to make special memories and carry on traditions.

If you’re gearing up to host a holiday party or gathering, there are certain items you should add to your to-do list and shopping list, too! Take a look at my list of holiday entertaining musts that you should definitely consider adding to your party.


Snowman Art | Santa Party Plate | Cocktail Napkins | Penguin Ornament | Snowman Decor | Spode Christmas Plate

Holiday tunes – can’t have a party without some jams, right?! To keep things in the holiday spirit, why not play some holiday tunes that everyone will enjoy? Spotify has a whole section dedicated to holiday season music with so many great pre-made playlists, you won’t even need to make your own! I am loving the Jimmy Buffet Christmas album that came out this year and I also love the Kenny Chesney holiday album – an old favorite! How cute are these holiday lights with a bluetooth speaker on them? Perfect for a soiree!

Decor – decorations are recommended for any party, but for a holiday party they are mandatory! Get your garland, hang your stockings, and hang your Christmas art to prep for your guests to arrive! Nothing like great decorations to get everyone in a festive mood!

Serveware – holiday serveware is a great touch for a successful and festive party. This Santa tray is so whimsical or I love this piece, too. I have also been obsessing over the reindeer games set from Juliska – I saw the whole set at Bloomingdale’s home store and thought it was so cute. What a fun bunch of plates to bring out year after year, and so perfect for a party!

Favors – giving out party favors isn’t necessary, but it is definitely a nice touch! A few ideas for holiday party favors are Christmas chocolates (I love Lindt’s chocolate peppermint truffles), a cute ornament, fun tissue packs, or even something as simple as holiday-themed lip balms. Present your favors in cute gift bags tied with pretty ribbon for a great presentation!  

Signature drinks – create a signature cocktail for your party and your guests will love it! Something champagne and holiday themed is always a favorite, and oh-so-yummy! And don’t forget the cocktail napkins!

Hosting a party or gathering takes a lot of planning, time, and energy. Use this guide to help you remember some details that can easily go missed but stand to enhance your party for you and your guests!

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