Holiday Cleaning Guide: The Bathroom

So I’ve been blogging about cleaning your space to prep for holiday guests, before traveling, or even just to get your place in tip-top shape. I live in an apartment, and it can be tougher than you’d think to keep a small space clean! It seems like one minute it looks tidy and the next, it looks like a bomb went off. Sigh. The never-ending cycle of cleaning 🙂

A clean bathroom is one of the most important parts of a home, if you ask me. I get easily skeeved out, so a gross bathroom is a no-no in my book. Check out my best tips for giving yours a thorough cleaning.

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Decorative Hand Towels | Spray Deodorant | Bathmat | Poo-Pourri | Hair Ties

The toilet – yuck. I hate cleaning the toilet, but it must be done! I just use a regular brush and Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. I also use Lysol wipes to wipe down the outside of it, and then I love these Lysol Click-Gel inserts to keep it smelling fresh between cleanings!

The sink/vanity area – I use the Method All-Purpose spray and Lysol Wipes to clean my sink and vanity area. I also use the spray to clean my mirror (which I always forget to do!). I usually stick my toothbrush holding cup in the dishwasher, too, because it can get gross at the bottom from water dripping and just sitting there. I always like to keep seasonally scented hand soap on the vanity, too! The Kleenex disposable hand-towels are the best, too – especially when you have guests – so much cleaner than everyone drying their hands on the same damp hand towel.

The shower – I hate cleaning the shower and usually leave this chore for my boyfriend to do 🙂 hehe. My hair has a tendency to get everywhere in the shower and I worry it will clog the drain. We have a cover that protects it from that, though, which works pretty well. As for cleaning products for the shower, it’s typically just the wipes and spray, which works perfectly. Products I always keep stocked in the shower, especially for guests, are Dove Men’s and Women’s body wash, Eos shaving cream, and shampoo and conditioner (duh).

Miscellaneous – I like to keep a bunch of toiletries in our bathroom for guests to use if needed. I have a basket filled with washcloths, extra rolls of toilet paper, spray deodorant (men and women’s!), Febreze, hairspray, extra toothbrushes, skin-cleansing wipes, dry shampoo, and lotion. I also keep out Tums and Advil in a basket on the sink, just in case anyone needs it. When all of this stuff is out and readily available, it eliminates the need for people to ask for it – which some people may be nervous to do because they don’t want to inconvenience you as the host. Also, always make sure to show everyone where the towels are and where to put the dirty ones if they are staying with you! Finally, to keep the bathroom smelling fresh I always leave a Wallflower plugged in!

When you have people staying with you, be sure to clean your bathroom thoroughly before they arrive – including emptying the trash prior to their arrival. Also, check on it during the visit to make sure it doesn’t need to be touched-up. Your guests are sure to appreciate you keeping it sparkling clean!

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