Holiday Cleaning Guide: The Guest Room

When it comes to cleaning for the holidays, there is so much to be done. Whether you’re going to be hosting guests in your home – either for an event or if they are staying over – or if you’re just looking to get your home spick and span prior to traveling (or maybe a mixture of both?!), it always feels great to do a deep clean. The other day, I posted some tips on how to get a sparkly clean and well-organized kitchen, but today I wanted to give some tips on prepping the guest room so that it is ready for visitors.


The first thing I would recommend is to tidy up the room in general. I know that our spare bedroom gets used for a lot – it is typically my dressing room, where I lay out my clothes for the next day the night prior to work. Also, I use it to store a lot of items, such as gifts or other newly bought items that I’m not quite sure what to do with yet. With that being said, when guests are expected, I need to organize all of those items so that the room is no longer a disaster. Plus, it always feels good to put something in it’s real home so that our apartment can be cleaner overall, anyways.

Next, I always clean all of my guest room linens. You always want your guest to have fresh sheets, right?! To make my sheets and blankets smell fresh and clean, I use Downy Unstoppables in the washing machine paired with my favorite Method laundry detergent. I love Method products because they smell great but are gentle on skin. Since my skin is prone to breakouts and is very sensitive, this is really important to me. Anyways, along with fresh sheets and a crisply made guest bed, I always also like to put an extra pillow on the bed along with a throw blanket. You never know how many pillows people like to sleep with, and I always worry that people staying over will get cold. There’s nothing worse than not having enough covers! And, although not a linen, I also always leave a little plug-in fan in our guest room when people stay over, as some like the white-noise or are prone to being hot when they sleep.

I always dust and vacuum in the guest room before people stay over, too. Before I vacuum, I sprinkle carpet powder and let it sit for a little while, giving the room a fresh and clean scent.  

Speaking of a fresh scent, I always try to make the room smell as great as possible for our guests. For the Christmas season, I just plugged in a wallflower with the Twisted Peppermint scent bulb in it and the whole rooms smells fresh and festive (I know I promote these all the time, I just love them!). Because our spare bedroom is so small, it’s important not to put a scent in there that would be too overwhelming.

Finally, I try to include items in our guest room that I know people will need. For instance, a phone charger, box of tissues, or a couple fresh bottles of water. Oh – don’t forget to give your guests your wifi password. I love this Pinterest idea for a guest room to provide the wifi password, too!

All in all, getting your extra bedroom(s) guest ready is easy! Keeping it clean, organized, and well-stocked with frequently requested items makes for happy guests and a clean and tidy home this holiday season! I will post later in the week about how to have guests stay over in small spaces, even if you don’t have a guest room.

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