Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Gym Rats


A lot of my friends are constantly at the gym or attend fitness classes regularly. While I wish I could call myself a “gym rat”, I have not quite achieved that status yet (closer to a couch potato right now. I’d say). But, like I said – I do know a lot of people that workout often. So, what better to get them than a fun gym accessory? Especially with the holidays approaching, there are so many different items out there to spoil friends and family members with if they love hitting the gym. Here are some fun picks.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 9.38.13 PM.png

Gym Headband | J.Crew x New BalanceFruit Infusion Water Bottle | Canvas Bag | Hair Ties

Workout Clothes –  workout clothes are perfect for a gal who is dedicated to her fitness! There are a few really fun brands that come to mind for great outfits. First, I love the Lucy products. They are so fashionable yet functional for the gym. I also love the Krauss & Co items – so cute and preppy! I especially love how you can get the matching pants and sports bras. Devon Maryn also has some great yoga pants with a fun twist – making a perfect gift!

Water bottles – can’t go to the gym without staying hydrated, right?! That fact makes a water bottle a perfect gift for someone who hits the gym on a regular basis. I love this fruit infusion water bottle to add some extra flavor to their hydration. I have a monogrammed Tervis Tumbler water bottle and I use it all the time – it’s a great water bottle that would make a perfect gift! Finally, these polar bottles keep water super cold and are perfect for the gym.

Odds and ends – there are a few other random accessories that make wonderful gifts. First, I love these hair ties because they are really flexible and last forever, while regular drug store ones tend to snap once they get worn. A headband is also super useful during a workout! Another great idea is a gym bag – my favorite is a simple LL Bean canvas tote that can be personalized, making it a fun gift!

For people who are obsessed with their fitness routine, a gym themed gift or accessory is something they will surely appreciate and use all the time!

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