Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Coworkers


Over the holidays, it can always be really tricky to figure out what gifts to give colleagues around the office. I usually don’t want to give nothing but sometimes struggle to think of a good gift idea that is something small but still thoughtful and useful. And while it can be tricky to think of an original idea, it’s not impossible! I have a few ideas that I am considering giving out at work this year so I wanted to share, as I’ve definitely struggled with this in years’ past.


Big Ideas Notepad | Mug | Essie Nail Polish | Hand Sanitizer | Hand cream | Sticky Notes

Hand cream – especially during the winter, my hands get SO dry. I am constantly putting hand cream on them throughout the day because there is no worse feeling than dried out hands while I am typing on my computer or taking notes. Especially for ladies, I love the L’Occitane hand creams – they work the best, in my opinion. Wrapped in a cute cellophane bag with holiday ribbon or paired with a nail polish these make a simple and useful gift. Or, even better, pair it with a hand sanitizer, which is perfect for in the office during cold and flu season.

Mason jar gifts – thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest (seriously, what did we ever do without it?!), there are so many fun ideas out there for easy and simple mason jar gifts. Even something as simple as this is makes a great gift to give your colleagues a sugar high to beat the 3pm slump that always seems to hit the office.

Hot chocolate kits – I wrote about this idea in my Thanksgiving weekend sale post, but I think it’s great for coworkers, so I’m going to mention it again. A cute mug paired with hot chocolate packets (or tea or coffee…whatever you want) makes a cute and fun gift that any work friend would love.

Stationery – everyone’s desk could use some new paper goods, right? I love this “For Big Ideas” notepad and the Rifle Paper Co notepads, which would look so pretty on someone’s desk! Sticky notes are a great gift, too, like this Lilly Pulitzer set or these clever acronym ones. Such fun ideas, especially when paired with a cute pen!

While it may seem impossible to think of a gift idea that will please each and every colleague, there are so many easy and inexpensive options out there that will leave them smiling this holiday season.

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