Thanksgiving Weekend Sales I Want to Shop for Myself

I did not really do any black Friday shopping, but there are so many great deals out there this weekend! It’s crazy. I feel like this year it started earlier than usual, too. The whole week leading up to Thanksgiving I was receiving emails about pre-Black Friday sales. A deal’s a deal, though! And, it’s always nice to save some money when you’re buying Christmas gifts. The problem for me, though, is that I always see things I want to buy myself in these sales! Of course when I went onto all the sites I am buying presents from, none of them were really having a sale. Oh well – that’s the way it goes, right?! Anyways, I wanted to share some of my favorites going on now that have so much irresistible stuff!

Sea Bags – I posted about these products the other day, and they make such nice quality bags, and I love the look of them. This site rarely has a sale, so I would definitely advise taking advantage of the 20% off while you can! My favorite gift ideas from the site (hard to pick just a few!) are the wine totes paired with a bottle of vino, a bucket bag with a poinsettia inside (perfect hostess gift!), or a cute wristlet with some fun toiletries inside (chapstick! Hair ties! Nail polish!). I also have to say that I LOVE the holiday line of products because they are so festive and cute.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.52.23 AM.png

Evelyn Henson – I can’t describe how much I love this site and all of the products. I think that the owner is very talented – I love the bright colors, fun messages, and whimsical characters she has created! She’s currently having a “buy more, save more” sale and, honestly, there is no shortage of gift ideas on there! I may just have to order a few things for myself during the sale 🙂 Like I said, I love all of it, but I do have a favorite gift idea, which I just used for Thanksgiving hostess gifts. It’s very simple – a cute mug (I did mine with mugs that look like the hosts’ dog!) with a little hot chocolate kit inside, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a pretty ribbon. Perfect for anyone and you can change it from hot chocolate to coffee or tea if you prefer! I love this mug and all of the animal series, but the map series is a great gift, too! I am also OBSESSED with the pet collection she just released! I mean, I’ll take one of each, please. I had a great experience ordering from the site, receiving plenty of notifications about shipping and getting my items very quickly! This is another site that doesn’t host frequent sales, so save while you can!

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.57.59 AM.png

Mark and Graham – this is one of my favorite websites for gifts that I’ve been using for a while! It falls under the Pottery Barn/Williams-Sonoma family of stores, and their products are all high quality and bound to please and recipient. They also typically have very speedy shipping and delivery, even when items are personalized! I love this site because it has gifts for EVERYONE – from gals to guys to babies to kids. And, unlike most places with gifts for anyone and everyone, they are easy to personalize and don’t feel generic. They are currently offering 25% off site wide, which is a huge savings for them! Favorite gift ideas? For a lovely lady, their blanket scarf is a no-brainer for winter. I ordered one as a gift last year and it was great quality and I love the monogramming options. For a guy – their rustic leather valet is a gift any guy can use. My boyfriend has one that he got as a gift that is on his nightstand and gets tons of use, and my sister and I got my dad one last year for Christmas and he loves it! Super stylish, too. Finally, for babies they have killer gifts – I love this personalizable blanket! Perfect for winter! I told you…gifts for the whole clan.


Bath and Body Works – so this is one sale I actually did shop yesterday. In our apartment, we love the wallflower scented plug-ins and hand soaps for in the bathroom and the kitchen sink. Since there was such a great sale, we decided to stock up (although we did not brave the mall and simply ordered online). Their holiday-scented candles are also great – they are $12.50 today (regularly $22.50) and their wallflower refills are only $3.50 each (regularly $6.50 a pop). If you need to stock up, I’d suggest taking full advantage of the sale. Little baskets of items are also a go-to favorite gift of mine, especially as a hostess gift. They are also offering $10 off your purchase of $30 or more with code PERFECTGIFT. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 11.04.36 AM.png

Kiel James Patrick – this is another site that hardly ever runs sales, so it really is the perfect time to buy for yourself or for others! I love all their preppy products and can’t believe how much the brand has grown since I first started shopping on their site a number of years ago (back then the only product they had was fabric bracelets!). I also love following Kiel and Sarah on social media as they have such a perfect and fun life, especially with their new pup. Anyways, the whole site is 25% off (plus free stickers with every purchase!). I love their new phone cases (limited edition!) – they are hand painted leather, monogrammed, and SO CUTE. They also just added cozy flannels to their collection – a perfect winter gift for the guy in your life! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with their products. They are preppy, classic, high quality, and American made. Best combination, if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 11.07.45 AM.png

Shutterly – okay, last one. I know Shutterfly has sales all the time, but their site is 40% off (50% off for hardcover photo books) as well as free shipping on orders $49+. It is a great sale and they have so many great gift products that are obviously super personal. One of the Chicago bloggers that I follow did a great post on holiday gift ideas from the site (she also highlighted that it’s the perfect time to order your personalized Christmas cards from them!). My favorite gift idea from them is a personalized photo phone case (can you tell I have a phone case obsession..?). I am on my second Shutterfly photo case, as is my mom, and we get ENDLESS compliments on them. They truly are a great gift, although I have to say – it does take some time to design them (make sure to hit save if you’re going to take a break!). They are very durable plastic that protects your phone very well and they never fade. I had mine on my old phone for a year plus and it looked brand new up until I got a new phone! I like to do mine with a pattern in some of the boxes rather than all pictures (I usually use a Lilly print, but you can do any!). I accidentally bought the matte case this past time and like the glossier better, but there are so many options.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 11.12.17 AM.png

So many sales, so little time…am I right?! Even though it’s during the rush, it’s the perfect time to get your gift shopping done and maybe treat yourself to a few items, too. After all, who could pass up a good sale?!

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