Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Beach Lovers


If you are like me and know lots of people who love the beach, you probably have a few people on your list that would love items to use when they’re having fun in the sun. Lucky for you, there is no shortage of unique and exciting gifts to get for someone who loves to be near the ocean. Plus, giving them a beach themed gift will remind them of warmers day ahead as the snow falls and temperatures plummet. Since I myself am a huge beach fan, I have rounded up some of my favorite products that make great gifts for the holiday season.

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Lobster Art | Shell Bag | Phone Case | Sea Bag | Vera Bradley Towel

Beach bag – the options for this are limitless. First, I love all Sea Bags products. My sister and I got my mom one for her birthday and it is a really good quality bag that is perfect for the beach. I love that they are flexible and that you can get them with a zipper top (which I recommend). We got her the medium size and it’s a great size for a day at the beach. Canvas bags also make a great beach bag. I recently stumbled across this Jack Rogers gem on their website and think it would make the PERFECT beach bag and a great preppy gift! Lilly Pulitzer also makes adorable beach bags that will last you forever. I have two and they are some of my favorites for a day at the beach! There are truly so many options out there, you can find one to match any personality!

Beach towels – I hate cheap, small, flimsy beach towels. It is so obvious when they are low quality, and the cheap ones simply do not work as well. I have given a bunch of beach towels as gifts, and I always look for large, luxe, fluffy ones. Land’s End makes good ones that you can get personalized, which is even better. For a girly-girl, I love the pattern of this Trina Turk towel. The Whim by Martha Stewart collection towels are also great and are at a great price! Having extra towels is always a plus, so I think they are a great gift idea for anyone who frequents the beach.

Beach art – I love how much art centers around the beach. I know that my family has tons of art hanging in their houses that is beach themed, and I love it all. The Gray Malin art is so cool – if you haven’t seen it, it is mainly all aerial shots of famous beaches around the world. They even make phone cases and S’Well bottles now, too – which are great gifts! This print is a unique art print that is totally coastal. For something else nautical, I think that these are really unique and cool, too.

Beach accessories – I’m not talking about pails and shovels here, people. There are so many beach accessories that you probably wouldn’t think of, but they’re all so useful. For instance, a bathing suit bag is always useful. I know I hate riding home in a wetsuit, so sometimes I’ll change into my regular clothes before I leave. But, you don’t want to just throw a we bathing suit into your bag! Thus, a lined bag comes in handy! These extra-large cosmetic cases from Etsy are the best and more than large enough to fit a wetsuit – maybe even a few. They are lined, so they’re perfect for that use. Hayden Reis also makes a bunch of great beach accessories, like their sea shell bags or sunscreen pouches. My sister and I bought my mom some of these last year for Christmas, and she gets a lot of use out of them!

As you can see, there are so many useful and adorable gifts out there for people who love the beach. Give your friends and family something that will remind them of the warmer days ahead and they will look forward to using their new goodies all the way until next summer.

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