Favorite Christmas Wreaths

Tis the season for Christmas decor of all kinds! Which I am very excited about 🙂 One decor item that I typically don’t focus on – but totally should because of all the amazing options out there – are wreaths. While growing up a Christmas wreath meant the same classic green-wreath-with-a-red-bow year after year, now there are so many varieties of wreaths that you can find one to fit any personality or theme. And I love it! I also love how so many are reusable, so you can pull them out year after year rather than throwing it out at the end of the season.

With that being said, I wanted to spotlight some of my favorites that I saw online. My mom got me a wooden one with vintage illustrations on it from HomeGoods, so I couldn’t find it online. She is mailing it to me and I can’t wait for it to get here (I have a similar one for Halloween that is awesome!). But like I said, there are simply so many out there that it’s impossible not to find something you like.

From my favorites, I wanted to highlight a few. I love how you can buy them in different shapes now, like the heart one featured below or this one which is a star. Next, I think it’s so cool how you can get one made out virtually any kind of material. From burlap to pinecones to felt, the possibilities are endless! The dog bone one I featured is adorable and perfect for any dog or pet lover!! I also am obsessed with the vintage ornament wreaths from One Kings Lane, but sheesh they are pricey. I would love to try to make one myself, and I found this tutorial on Pinterest (looks so easy! But I worry the ornaments may be too heavy and break the styrofoam?). Anyways, I think it goes without saying that any wreath you can imagine, you can find and buy it! Love that. Without further ado, here are my favorites of the season:

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 8.44.41 PM.png

Heart Wreath | Dog Bone Wreath | Gold Wreath | Vintage Pink Wreath | Burlap Button WreathSnowman Wreath | Bow Wreath

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