Three Preppy Themed Christmas Trees

I am unreasonably excited to put up our Christmas tree on Friday. Honestly, I would have done it sooner…but I have a grinch living with me 😉 So we will wait. I ordered a bunch of ornaments on Rue La La anyways, so I’m kind of ok with waiting. To be honest, I bought a lot of ornaments for this year – mostly all snowman themed! Between vacations, online sales, and just finding ones I loved around town, they just sort of accumulated. I am looking forward to hanging them all on our tree.

We have a classic (faux) tree with colored lights on it. However, each year it seems like more and more people are doing themed trees and I love the idea! I can’t wait until we eventually have our own house and do one real one and then can do one faux and themed one in a different room. Anyways…I thought it would be fun to do a post on themed trees and a guide to three distinct preppy themes. Check out my picks below!

Woodland themed tree

This seems like the most popular this year, although they’ve been around for a while. I think Pottery Barn may have been the one to start this trend a few years ago. I love this animal-centric and rustic themed tree. I think this looks best with a classic green tree and white lights. I picked some ornaments and and rustic topper that would be perfect for a woodland themed tree. A faux fur tree skirt would be perfect with this as well, along with pinecone garland. Winter woodland heaven!

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 7.59.49 PM.png

Owl Glitter Ornament | Squirrel Ornament | Mouse Ornament | Pinecone Ornaments | Tree Topper | Bird Ornament 

Colorful (and preppy!) tree

A colorful tree is perfect for a home full of ladies or for anyone who appreciates a pop of color in their home. I chose a pink tree for this with white lights – how fun! It’s amazing how many different faux trees are out there nowadays. For this, you’ll need lots of colorful and whimsical ornaments. I love the macaroon one and I think this ice cream truck would be a great addition as well, along with this colorful train. I am also OBSESSED with the Lilly tree skirts on One Kings Lane this year – if my boyfriend wouldn’t seriously oppose, I would totally get one. You can take this theme in so many directions and it’s really fun to pick such bright and upbeat decorations, if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 8.13.07 PM.png

Macaroon Ornament | Wreath Ornament | Lilly Tree Skirt | Flamingo Ornament | Santa Ornament | Champagne Ornament 

Tropical Tree

I think this one may be my favorite since I am obsessed with the beach. My mom just got a bunch of beach-themed ornament for our little tree in my family’s vacation home and I can’t wait for it to be all set up! This is another theme that has many options. A white tree with white lights would be perfect for this idea, but I think a green tree with white lights would look good too. I love all the ornaments I featured here as well as the simple burlap tree skirt. If you want a skirt with more pizazz, though, this one is perfect. Just like Kenny Chesney, all I ever really want for Christmas is a real good tan.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 8.41.42 PM.png

Gold Seashell Ornament | Pineapple Ornament | Whale Ornament | Flip Flop Ornament | Burlap Tree Skirt | Crab Ornament | Seashell Ornament 

What I love best about all of these trees is that you can put them together at a reasonable price and that each of them showcases your personal interests and personalities. If it were up to me, I’d pick a different theme every year!

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