Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Bakers


I love to bake, and the holidays are always filled with a lot of it for me. Especially in a world where Pinterest exists, there is a seemingly never-ending list of recipes to to try. Chocolate, gingerbread, and peppermint…oh my! There is nothing like finding a new favorite recipe or a familiar old one that you and your family have enjoyed year after year. My childhood Christmases were filled with very specific desserts made by my mom that you could count on on the dessert table each year – to this day! For those on your shopping list who love to bake, there are so many great gifts out there for them. Here are some of my favorites.


Penguin Platter | Baking Pan | Measuring Cups

Measuring cups – you may be surprised to learn how many cute measuring cups there are out there that would make the perfect gift.You read that right – measuring cups. For instance, what could be cuter than these? I also love these as they come with the stand for easy organization. These are clever and cute, and for something more simple but still glamorous, I love these. And…these are perfection for the holidays!!

Baking tools – there are so many baking tools out there, it is actually crazy. From shaped pans to cookie presses, it’s unbelievable the things you can be find. Every diehard baker loves to try a fun new tool, so this could make a great gift. This Christmas tree pan set is fun and would make something delicious AND festive. I have this cookie press and without fail, use it every holiday season. But, it’s great to have all year round, making it a great gift!

Linen accessories – linen accessories are another great gift idea for those who are prone to spending a lot of time in the kitchen. From tea towels to aprons, there are so many out there to choose from. This tea towel is unique and beautiful for the holidays. My family and I have a dachshund obsession, so I especially love this one. And omg...this one is too cute for words. For aprons, this Kate Spade one is simple and cute, or I thought that these bottom-only options were super cute and at a great price! I also like this one because it has a tropical feel to it. I have a monogrammed one, which is a fun idea too.

Serveware – bakers are always looking for cute new serveware to put their baked goods on proud display. My mom has a dish that she’s had forever that I love putting cookies on. The Mackenzie-Childs serveware pieces are classic and will be treasured forever by anyone who has them. For something beachy, I love this seahorse! I also love this Santa scene for the holiday season. And how cute is this penguin for winter (and on sale!). So many fun options out there!

As you can see, for those who have a sweet tooth and pride themselves on satisfying the sweet tooths of others, there are tons of gift ideas out there that are unique, fun, and will be treasured forever. Whether you are buying something small or a more large-scale gift set, they are sure to love it and your gift is guaranteed to get much use!

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