Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for List Lovers


So I just watched the first two seasons of Jane the Virgin on Netflix. My boyfriend kept saying, “this show is so dumb!”…and I can’t say I disagree…but I still thought it was funny and entertaining to watch. Anyways…I do have a point. The main character on the show, Jane (obviously), is an avid list-maker and prides herself on being super organized. I like making lists, too (not as much as Jane does), so that got me thinking about what the best gifts for list-lovers would be. And there are quite a few! Here are all of my favorite picks.

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Notepad | Pen Set | Donut Post-Its | Sharpie Set | Notepad

Notepads – I can never have too many notepads. I keep them everywhere – in the kitchen drawer, with my stationery collection, in my nightstand, in my work bag. You never know when you will need to write something down, nor do you know when you will be inspired to jot down a list or idea. I know that we have notepads on our phones designed for this, but I like having things hard copy. Call me old fashioned. Anyways, there are so many cute notepads out there. Forget normal legal pads and notebooks. Now, we have more stylish options. I love these Kate Spade ones for something colorful or this one for something floral. And how cute is this doggie notepad?! There are also a bunch of personalized choices out there, such as these, available in different shapes and sizes, or something like this. So many options – all of them chic and cute!

Pens – I am a big Sharpie lover and rarely write with normal pens. A set is a perfect gift for someone who is always jotting down lists. For people who like regular pens, there are many stylish sets out there! For instance, this one is perfect in black and white. Or these are so cute!! For something more eccentric and fun, try this to make a statement. Or what about this unique pen holder for someone’s desk? Fun ideas!

Sticky notes – I am always running out of sticky notes and am on the hunt for cute ones. These are great to give with a notepad or pen set, and I always find fun ones in the Target dollar section. There are, surprise surprise, a bunch of fun sets out there. Like these for something classic and floral or I love these funny Knock Knock picks. For friends that love something sweet, these are fun, too.

I love all of these ideas, especially when bundled into a little set, for people who are constantly making lists. These are all useful and are perfect to give to a colleague or friend when you are looking for something inexpensive yet thoughtful this holiday season.

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