Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Book Lovers


As I’ve definitely noted (a time or two) I am obsessed with books and with reading. Little else brings me as much joy as a great book. Books are the perfect escape from reality and reading is undoubtedly one of my favorite ways to spend my spare time. With that being said, I naturally had to put together a gift guide for book lovers! There are so many gifts out there perfectly suited for people who love to indulge in a good book, especially for during the cold winter books where people like me will be in hibernation as much as possible, snuggled up with a good book.

I didn’t include any books on this list. Everyone has different reading preferences, and it can be hard to know what someone has already read and what they haven’t. If you are looking for recommendations on thrillers/mysteries or love stories, I have a few linked. I also didn’t include on the list any e-readers, but I am a HUGE proponent for them. I know mostly all readers have a feeling one way or another towards these. I love my Kindle for a lot of reasons – first because it is easy to throw in my bag and use around the city (on public transit, on my lunch break, etc). Second, I love that mine has the backlight so I can fall asleep reading without the light being left on. Third, I love how I can bring tons of books on vacations without dedicating valuable packing space to physical books. But – I know they’re not for everyone (ahem, Sam. Ahem, my dad) – which is why I left them off this guide.


Candle | Stamp | Mug | Tea | Throw Blanket | Candle

Anyways, here are my picks:

Mug and tea/coffee – I feel like if you love books, you are bound to love also coffee and/or tea as well, right? Kind of a rule of thumb. Thus – this combo makes a great gift for any book lover. For some mug recommendations – this one is simple and tasteful, and very wintery! Initial mugs also always help make a gift more personalized. If you want to go with something Christmas themed, this Vietri Santa mug is a favorite. If you’re looking for a set, I absolutely love this one (and am considering buying it…). For a cute and simple tea set, I love this one – it is absolutely adorable!! For tea sets, I like David’s Tea. Also, these “novel-tea” bags are funny. For coffee, I always find good options at HomeGoods and Marshall’s in their food aisle, but Starbucks is always a good pick too.

Cozy blanket – when I’m reading, I am always cuddled under a cozy blanket (especially since I always seem to be cold!). I don’t think anyone can ever have too many throw blankets, anyways, making them a perfect go-to gift. This initial blanket is simple and cute. I love these Vera Bradley throws that came out this year, and on their site they can monogram them for you! HomeGoods always has good picks for throw blankets too – lately they’ve had really soft holiday themed ones, too!

Candles – to get the atmosphere for reading right, a candle is a must. Especially on a winter night, accompanied by a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket 🙂 I buy mostly all of my candles at HomeGoods (are you sensing a theme, here?), but let me recommend some other ones too. I love these as they are high quality AND festive for the season. This is the perfect scent for winter, and it’s at a great price point. Finally, these wine candles are really cool!

Odds and ends – there are tons of cool items out there for book lovers that I’ve come across. I wanted to share some of my favorites. I am obsessed with my infamous Nancy Drew phone case, but sadly I do not think the Etsy shop they come from makes them anymore (don’t worry, I have inquired and will update you all). For Harry Potter lovers, I love this bookmark which I saw featured on Amazon. It is a handmade product. For people who frequently lend out their books, I love this customized “from the library of” stamp. Finally, these Etsy art prints centered around books are AMAZING and I want all of them. I love this one as well as this one so much.

As a book lover, I think these are all thoughtful as well as useful gifts. If you love to read and have any more ideas, send them my way 🙂

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