Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

When you are going to someone’s house on Thanksgiving, in addition to bringing a dish like an appetizer, side, or dessert to contribute to the feast, you may also want to bring a hostess gift. After all, whoever is having you over for the meal is probably going through a lot of trouble to make everything taste perfect and to create a magical holiday. There are, of course, an array of generic typical hostess gifts you can bring over on the special day. Or, you can try for something different, more creative, and more fun! I have compiled a list of my favorite Thanksgiving Hostess gifts ideas at different price points to accommodate almost any situation. Take a look at them here.

Hostess Gifts for $25 or Less

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Holiday Candle | Spode Tea Towel | Merry Christmas Ornament | Skinnytaste Cookbook

Ornament – Since Thanksgiving is so close to Christmas, a holiday ornament is a great hostess gift to contribute to the holiday spirit! While these certainly range in price, there are many options out there for $25 or less. I love this vintage looking pick. I also think this snowman set is adorable – and very affordable. Papyrus always has pretty ornaments at great price points that come in beautiful packaging, too. Wrap yours in pretty paper or a cool box and it makes a great keepsake for any hostess!

Cookbook and tea towels – this is a perfect pair best suited for a host or hostess that loves to be in the kitchen! I love the Skinnytaste Cookbook for recipes that are healthy, easy, and yummy! Then, pair these with a cute set of holiday tea towels from HomeGoods and you have a cute and useful gift that is outside of the norm.

Candle and matches – a great smelling candle paired with a fun set of matches is a match made in heaven. I buy a lot of candles at HomeGoods, too, but also love the candles that Papyrus has to offer.  With an inexpensive candle, you can buy a set of 8 matchboxes from Seven Colonial to give out with candles throughout the holidays for an overall reasonably priced gift.

Hostess Gifts for $50 or Less

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Embroidered Cocktail Napkins | Cheese Board Set | Napkin Box

Cheeseboard Set – cheese boards can always be put to good use as almost no gathering, dinner party, or holiday passes without putting one out. If you are looking for a holiday themed one as a gift, this one is perfect! This folding board is also a fun addition to any party. For those who like to keep it tropical, I love this Pineapple board set. If you want, bring over some artisan cheese blocks and crackers to give with the board for instant gratification.

Napkin Box Set – these napkin box sets are great because they come in so many varieties and are high quality. They look great out for a party or just on the counter for whenever a cocktail napkin is needed. Very cute and simple, yet easily personalizable with the theme.

Pineapple tumbler – um, am I the only one completely obsessed with these pineapple tumblers? This is the perfect hostess gift for someone who loves to keep stuff island style and enjoys a cocktail to boot. So cute and unforgettable!

Cocktail Napkins – embroidered cocktail napkins are something a host or hostess can use again and again at dinner parties and holiday gatherings to come! These Emoji napkins are trendy and cute, or I like these holiday ones to keep things in line with the season. For something more classic, I love these Lettermade napkins.

Hostess Gifts for $100 or Less


Faux Arrangement | Santa Plate | Needlepoint Coasters

Faux Arrangement – I used to scoff at the idea of any faux arrangement, but now there are so many high-end ones out there and they look so real that…why not? A quality ones makes a great hostess gift because they can be reused over and over and it’s something that someone may not think of buying themselves. This votive holder arrangement is a wonderful holiday decoration that can be put out year after year. If you want to stay on the holiday theme, I love this as a statement piece. For something more “every day”, Joss and Main has SO MANY options. I love this decorative piece or this one too. At first I thought these were too pricey for what they are, but I’ve seen nice ones in person and think they’re worth it.

Coaster set – everyone can always use more coasters. I feel like no matter how many I have out, when we have people over I am always at least one short! These Jonathan Adler coasters are stylish yet simple. I love the Smathers & Branson needlepoint coasters not only because there is such a large selection of them, but also because they are actually absorbent of condensation. For dog lovers – this set is a must! Finally, I love the style of these, although I do think they’re more decorative than functional given the liquid will just pool onto them. So many coaster options!

Cookie plate – especially around the holidays, when I am going to someone’s home and bringing a plate of cookies, I like to get a special plate and leave it with them as a hostess gift. This Santa plate is irresistible – and nothing could be more perfect for yummy cookies! If you’re bringing a cake or pie, place it on this festive plate. For something classic, Spode is the epitome of the Christmas season, and this serving dish will be used again and again. There are tons of options out there for a quality and festive dish that will be used for years to come, long after your treat is enjoyed.

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