Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Teachers


So I’m not a teacher – but I give a lot of credit to anyone who is. My mom works in a kindergarten classroom and my best friend is a first grade teacher, and to be honest, I don’t know how they do it! Being responsible for all of those individuals – especially children – is a lot of pressure. With that being said, teachers deserve great gifts around the holiday time that they will actually want and end up using. My mom has brought home some really interesting gifts from students, and it is always obvious when someone gives her one that they put a good amount of thought into. I rounded up some cute and thoughtful suggestions of holiday gifts for teachers.


The Body Shop Hand Cream | L’Occitane Hand Cream | Tamahada Hand Cream | Custom Stamp| Everyone Hand Soap | Custom Notepad | S’Well Bottle | Kate Spade Water Bottle

Teacher Emergency Kit – I love these little kits that come pre-packaged and are SO CUTE. And now, they make one specifically for teachers! This is something that is cute, small, and inexpensive. Give this by itself or paired with something like a Starbucks gift card to a teacher you love.

Classroom soaps – kids are known for spreading germs like no one else, so hand washing is highly encouraged. My mom is always buying handsoap for her kids to use, so why not get your favorite teacher a basket full of all of her favorites? I like to make baskets filled with Bath & Body works foaming soaps as well as their wallflower plugs and refills for a great smelling classroom. There are tons of other soap options out there, too. I love this “everyone” soap or the Kiehl’s collection, too.

Hand cream – now that we’ve discussed how often teachers have to wash their hands – what does that cause? Dry, cracked hands, of course. Since the endless washing is unavoidable for them, especially during cold and flu season, hand cream is a must. And, at that, they need a good one that actually works. This one is my absolute favorite and it works better than any other. For some other ideas, I love the packaging of these for a gift – so pretty! Or, what better gift for a teacher than an apple infused hand cream? Pair a set with a nail salon gift certificate, making the perfect pampering pair!

Water Bottle – teachers talk all day long and they need to wet their whistle option and keep hydrated to stay energized! A nice water bottle could be just what they need for their desk and to make their day easier. There are so many fun options out there for this. I love this Kate Spade option or a fun-patterned S’Well bottle like this one. Or, you could go with a personalized option like this one from Etsy. This is a gift that will be sure to get lots of use.

Stationery – there are endless stationery options out there to gift to teachers. This Expressionery notepad is adorable, to start. I love the matching folding notes, too, or the idea of a custom stamp so that teachers may mark their belongings and books in style. Something personalized always makes a great gift, and surely teachers are constantly jotting down notes or sending letters home – so these will go to good use.

Wine – this is something that you have to decide whether or not it is appropriate for your individual teacher, as it can probably go either way. If you do decide to give wine, these labels from Etsy are absolutely hilarious.

The holidays are a time to show your appreciation to those around you, and with all their hard work, teachers deserve this more than anyone! Get them a great gift that they can repeatedly use and love this holiday season.

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  1. Kyle says:

    As a teacher I can vouch that any of these gifts are PERFECT and so appreciated <3 ps: wine is always an appropriate/ good idea 😉

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