Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Travelers, Guys Edition


In my last post, I gave my best suggestions for gifts for gals who love to travel. Today, I’m sharing my top picks for Christmas gifts for guys who are always on the go. Like I said, traveling is fun and exciting, but especially when you run into a snafu – which is bound to happen – it helps to have all the right supplies on hand. There are countless items that are perfect for the world-traveling dude…so why not give them as gifts? Here are my favorite picks.

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Monogrammed Dopp Kit | Embroidered Dopp Kit | Cord Tacos | Passport Case & Luggage Tag | Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Travel organization items – guys are not always the best at staying…well…organized. Especially when you’re traveling, though, it’s important to keep everything in your bag in order. If not, it can be tough to find what you’re looking for when you’re on the go. For that reason, the gift of organization is perfect for any guy who loves to travel. And – hey – you can even give it in style. There are tons of options out there. To organize chargers and cords, I love these. They are small and functional! For a guy who has his share of watches, this organizer is perfect for keeping things tidy and safe while traveling. Finally, to keep all their documents and forms of identification organized, this fashionable case is the answer to their problems.

Headphones – for anyone who travels often, having a good pair of headphones is a must. From time waiting in the airport to being on the plane to long car rides, there are endless opportunities for these to be used! While these wireless bluetooth headphones are definitely a splurge, they are well worth it as they are easy and convenient to use and deliver the crystal clear sound of your favorite jams, podcasts, or audiobooks. If you are looking for a great pair at a lower price point, these are stylish and easy to use – they don’t fall out because they go over the ears!

Passport case – while I already recommended one passport case/organizer above, I also think a run-of-the-mill passport case is a great gift for any man that loves to travel. There are tons of options out there. One of my favorites is this classic leather selection, made all-the-better with a initial or monogram, of course. For something brighter that even comes in a set (with a matching luggage tag!), I love this “globetrotter” option. Something more fun is this critter case from Coach.

Dopp Kit – a dopp kit is the perfect present for a guy on the go. He has to carry his toiletries with him, somehow, right? There are SO MANY options out there it can actually be overwhelming to find the right one. However, I love how you can find quality options at every price point. For something on the less-expensive side, I love this plaid option. Another solid option at a great price is this monogrammed accessory. It comes in a wide range of colors. I would recommend a darker shade so that it doesn’t show marks or dirt that it is bound to accrue during travel. For a man that is partial to beach-getaways, this embroidered kit is a fun spin on a classic piece. For something simple and classic, this Coach pick is perfect and high quality – and is bound to last him forever, making it worth the splurge.

There are many items that make traveling more seamless and easy – but these are just some of my favorites. Someone who loves to travel will surely appreciate the thought behind these and you can rest easy knowing your gift selection will get a lot of use on future adventures.

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