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With the holiday season officially upon us, the time to start your shopping is now. The idea of shopping for every person on your list can certainly feel like a daunting task, especially if you are swimming in ideas of what to get particular individuals. For that reason, I am putting together gift guides for a range of personality types that encompass different interests and passions. For anyone who knows me, they know that I love buying and giving gifts. I also have a slight obsession with finding products and brands that other people don’t know about. I am pretty much a professional shopper 😉

With that being said, I thought a gift guide for travelers would be a good place to start this holiday season. 2016 was filled with many, many trips and flights for me – albeit most of them being quick trips home. However, it still instilled in me what kinds of products I like or would like to have to make traveling easier. Because, let’s face it – while sometimes the process of traveling is fun, quick, and easy – sometimes things go wrong and it can be irritating, painful, and long. So, here are my top picks for gifts for girls that love to travel.


Cashmere travel set – if you’re looking to splurge on a gift for your favorite jetsetter, this Sophia Cashmere travel set is the way to go. Like I said – it’s pricey. But, what an awesome gift for someone who is always on the go. I am always freezing in the airport and on planes, and what better way to stay warm than being draped in the luscious softness of cashmere? I also love how you can monogram this item and that it comes with the travel bag for safekeeping. If you have your heart set on buying this for someone but the price tag is too steep, watch out for it (or one like it) on sites like Rue La La or Gilt.

Personalized luggage tags – for someone who loves to travel, a luggage tag is a great gift. They also make a perfect stocking stuffer! I recommend several at all different price points. I have bought a bunch of the Shutterfly photo tags which are cute because they are personal. They are also a great price, especially given Shutterfly sends out coupon codes like…everyday. Graphic Image has beautiful leather tags that personify simplicity. They are wonderful quality in a wide array of color options. They’re definitely more expensive than the Shutterfly option, but still a reasonable price point. They can also be monogrammed, which is always a plus in my mind. Finally, for something quirky, bright, and cute, I love these Lilly Pulitzer tags. They are more generic, but perfect for anyone who loves to live a brightly decorated life.

Cosmetic Bags – for any traveler, they need something to hold their many toiletries that they rely on when they’re on the go. Especially for longer trips or vacations, I have a seemingly endless list of toiletries that I bring with me to be prepared for almost any situation (yet I always end up forgetting something or wishing I had something that is NOT in my bag!). There are so many options out there for cosmetic cases – individual or sets – but I have narrowed it down to my favorites. I love these bright and cute Ame & Lulu cases, They are very durable and lined inside, which is a must. If you are looking to get someone a set of cases, I absolutely love these handmade bags from AllieClay on Etsy. I have them and the sizes vary perfectly – I love that the big one is large enough to hold a we bathing suit after a day at the beach on vacation, too. They are lined and very flexible, making them idea to throw in your carry on, suitcase, or in a beach bag. And – not to mention – they are adorable. Finally, for a more plain pick these Pottery Barn cases are a go-to. Given they come in a set of two, I think they are a great price point. They are made of heavenly soft material and are lined inside, which – again – is a must. So many cosmetic cases, so little time!

Electronics battery extender – a pain point of traveling can definitely be the dreaded low battery on any or all of your favorite electronics – from your phone to iPad to Kindle. I could not live without my battery extender on a day-to-day basis, but I especially rely on it when I am traveling. I hate to search for an open outlet and be trapped sitting next to it while I wait for my phone to charge. Having my Mophie allows me the flexibility of leaving my phone in my bag to charge while I grab something to eat, run to the restroom, or take a lap around Hudson News while I wait for my flight to board. I never worry about a low battery, which I love. I have a Mophie powerpack for Apple products, and to be honest I am hesitant to recommend any other battery extender. While this one was pricey, it was well worth the price as it is over a year old and works like new. I have used other, cheaper extenders that barely work and provide only ~20 minutes of extra battery life. I would say splurge on this one to get the most bang for your buck.

While I could probably list about a hundred other great gift ideas for traveling ladies, these are my top picks. Make the lives of the jetsetters in your life easier with these cute and fun products that are guaranteed to get tons of use.

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