How to Drink More Water

Drinking a lot of water always does me a ton of good. It makes me feel better, makes weight loss easier, makes me less hungry, and helps my skin. However, sometimes it can be tough to force yourself to get down those eight cups a day (or more!). After all, we are all so busy and sometimes, I am guilty of going through the whole day without even finishing one cup. That is despicable and definitely not good for my body!

Since I am on this diet and am making a conscious effort to be healthier and lose weight, I have been really working on upping my water intake. It has gotten easier and easier the more I keep at it. Here are my best tips to create the habit of drinking tons of water:

-Get a cute cup! – Having a fun water cup makes it more fun! I love how many options there are out there for reusable tumblers that are perfect to have at work and on hand in my apartment. I featured some of my favorites here:

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 8.22.23 PM.png

Kate Spade Tumbler | Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler | Slant Collections Tumbler | Tervis Tumbler Water Bottle

-Keep a tally – I try to mark down on a post-it note every day at my desk how many cups of water I am drinking. That way, I can hold myself accountable to how much I am actually taking in throughout the day and push myself to drink more if I am lagging behind after lunch time.

-Set reminders – as silly as it sounds, it is worth reminding yourself throughout the day to keep sipping that H2O. Setting a little Outlook calendar reminder can be very helpful amidst a busy day where you would typically forget to hydrate yourself.

-Set goals and rewards – every day at work, I set a goal that I will drink three full cups of water before I have my daily coffee. Since I really want that java, it forces me to fill my cup three times before I can have the “reward” I set for myself. Since my “cup” fits about two actual cups of water, that means I am holding myself accountable to drinking at least six before I have my daily coffee, which is a good start for the day.

What are your best tips for forcing yourself to stay hydrated?

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