Easy Chicken Recipes

My boyfriend and I have been on a strict diet the past month, and with that we have cooked a lot of meals. I’m so happy that we’ve been on a healthier lifestyle and cook much more often than we were. Some nights, though, it can be challenging to come home from work and think of cooking a whole big meal. But, cooking healthy does not have to be complicated!

That being said, I’ve cooked a lot of chicken over the past month. I am pretty picky when it comes to what meats and proteins I will eat, so chicken is a pretty standard choice. While cooking healthy to fit our dietary restrictions had seemed like a daunting tasks, I have found (and concocted) tons of easy recipes that have turned out great. Here are a few that were a hit:

-Greek chicken – the other night I made Greek chicken for dinner and it turned out great. I marinated the chicken in a greek dressing during the day and then cooked it in a pan with artichokes, tomatoes, red onions, and spinach. Before serving, I added pitted greek olives. It was very simple and yummy!

-Cauliflower fried rice – I think this is one of the yummiest things I’ve made since being on this diet! Luckily, Trader Joe’s sells the pre-riced cauliflower, so I paired that with frozen veggies, scrambled eggs, and chicken. I added a tiny bit of sesame oil for extra flavor, and it was really delicious. And the best part was, it was quick and easy – making it a perfect weeknight meal. I didn’t follow a recipe, but this one from Little Bits Of is great.

-Cajun chicken – we have really yummy cajun seasoning that I bought at Whole Foods, so one night (when I was obviously feeling particularly lazy), I just seasoned some chicken with that and pepper, popped it in the oven, steamed some veggies on the side, and served the chicken like that. It tasted good and would be really good on top of a salad! If you are on a diet with less restrictions, this cajun chicken with rice from Kevin and Amanda looks amazing!

-Buffalo chicken strips – the other night, I wanted something a little spicier, so I made buffalo chicken strips. All I did was use chicken tenderloins, dip them in Frank’s Red Hot, and then breaded them in almond flour. Then, I cooked them on the stove in a pan lightly sprayed with avocado oil. I steamed broccoli to have on the side, and the whole meal was great! This is another dish that would have been great on a salad (maybe with leftovers for lunch!) with carrots, celery, and blue cheese if you’re not dairy free.

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