Gifts for Grads

Graduation season is here, and it is always fun to pick out a gift for someone who is moving on to the next chapter of their lives. My sister is graduating college in just a few weeks and I can’t believe it! I feel like she just started college and now she is about to move on to her next step.

There are lots of great ideas out there for useful, sentimental, and nice grad gifts. Here are some of my favorite picks, big and small:

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 7.37.18 PM.png

-Gift card – gift cards are always a good idea. Whether you get your grad a massage gift card to unwind after finals and before they enter the workforce or even just a AmEx gift card so they have some spending money, this is a no brainer.

-Jewelry – I love these Dogeared necklaces because they have a special meaning to them. The “Accomplish Magnificent Things” one is perfect for a graduate!

-FitBit – after college is the perfect time to get fit (after all that beer and late night eating!), and a FitBit provides great motivation to do so. I have one and love it and my sister just got one and is loving hers too!

-Travel accessories – for a graduate with wanderlust, travel accessories are a great idea. Passport covers, luggage tags, cosmetic cases, or even a jewelry roll are all really useful.

-Cookbooks – for grads that are headed into their own apartment for the first time, a cookbook could be very useful. Pairing it with some kitchen accessories is a great idea, too. I love the Skinnytaste cookbook.

A nice notebook – I love having a nice notebook to bring into meetings at work. It adds a professional touch. For someone going into their first job, this is a thoughtful gift. I love the Graphic Image ones because they can be personalized and refilled!

A work bag – when I graduated college, my boyfriend’s parents gave me a really nice sleek and professional work bag. A black tote is always a good choice to keep your grad looking professional and fashionable at the same time.

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