Favorite City Living Apps

Now that I’ve lived in a city for almost nine months, I’ve learned there are certain things that I cannot live without. Before I moved, I was very nervous about the transition from the suburbs to a big city that I was unfamiliar with. Thankfully, it turned out to be surprisingly easy! Some of that simplicity is attributed to the apps on my phone that make city living much easier. Here are my favorite picks:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 9.08.51 PM

Google Maps – I mean, obviously. I used this a lot in the suburbs too, but I use it much differently here. Especially when I first moved, I used it to find my way almost anywhere. I love being able to walk places, and Google Maps makes it so simple. I really don’t know how people moved to new cities before this app existed. Blows my mind. I also used this app a lot when I first moved here to understand what trains to take where.

Uber – for places that are too far to walk and I don’t feel like taking the train, Uber is the perfect solution. I use it a good amount and find it to be quick and reliable. I can get an Uber so easily here that when I am in more suburban areas I can’t believe how long it takes to get an Uber, if any are available at all.

Transit Stop – this is a great app that helps track the public transit system. It allows you to see when the next train will be coming, which is super helpful.

Door Dash – when I lived in the suburbs, the takeout options were pretty limited. Pizza or Chinese? With Door Dash, I can get almost anything delivered. It’s almost dangerous! From the Cheesecake Factory to RPM Italian, literally anything you want to eat can be brought directly to you if you don’t feel like leaving your apartment.

Shyp – this app is only available in certain cities, but it is SO convenient. Around Christmas, I had a ton of gifts to ship home to Connecticut. I had huge boxes that I could not possibly carry to the UPS store myself. I was looking up my best options to get them picked up from my apartment and found Shyp. It had great reviews so I

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