Healthy (and yummy!) Lunch Ideas

My boyfriend and I are on a month long diet with a lot of restrictions to it. The first week, we brought salad for lunch…every. Single. Day. It got very…monotonous. We decided we needed to get more creative so that we could enjoy the diet a little bit more. We actually came up with a bunch of great options! I wanted to share my favorites here:

Avocado egg salad – I was surprised at how delicious this was! It’s so much healthier than regular egg salad because you use avocado in place of mayonnaise. I added pepper and hot sauce to it and it was really yummy.

-Greek chicken salad – I kind of just made this recipe up and seasoned some chicken and cooked it on the stove, chopped up red onions, added greek olives, and mixed it all up. It turned out pretty well! If you are not dairy free, I would add some feta cheese to make it even better!

-Chicken, Basil, and Tomatoes – this is something else I just threw together. We cooked chicken seasoned with dried basil on the stove and mixed it up with basil and chopped tomatoes. To make it even better, next time I would add onions and if I wasn’t doing dairy free – fresh mozzarella. I saw a recipe for a quinoa caprese salad that looks so good that I would love to try!

-Broccoli, Chicken, and Roasted Garlic – I made this recipe up as well and just hoped for the best. It turned out pretty great. I roasted garlic in the oven and then cooked broccoli for about ten minutes so it would be really soft. I mixed it in with seasoned chicken and that was it. Easy! Next time, to give it more flavor, I would probably add more pepper or even red pepper flakes.

-Cucumber salad – if I feel like going meatless, this is a great option. I just chop up seedless cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and avocado and top it off with red wine vinegar. Yum!

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