Top 5 Travel Essentials

I know that I posted a full guide to carry on packing a little over a month ago, but I traveled this past weekend and will be traveling a lot in the coming months, so I’ve been thinking about the absolute travel essentials. Besides the things you really cannot go without (like your ID, phone, and money…), there are a few things that I’ve found I really cannot travel without. Between getting to the airport, getting through security, waiting for your plane to board, dealing with delays and cancellations, and making it to your final destination – traveling can be an exhausting process as well as a hassle. Being well equipped can make the process and experience that much better. Here is what makes me feel more comfortable and prepared for every journey:

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My Kindle – as I’ve definitely mentioned – I’m obsessed with my Kindle. I don’t go many places without it…but when I’m going on a trip it is the number one must have. Right before I leave, I always set a reminder to load it up with a few new books to make sure I don’t get stuck without wifi and end up unable to download anything new. I also always charge it the day before I leave, which almost always lasts me through the whole trip.

A Blanket – I know this might take up a bit of room in your carry on bag, but I think it’s worth it. I hate being cold and planes tend to be freezing. My past few trips, I have forgotten my plane blanket and I have certainly regretted it. I usually just get a little baby blanket from Carter’s or the kids section of Marshall’s because they are better quality than the flimsy plane blankets you can buy at the airport. They are definitely warmer and softer! Always make sure to wash it after a trip, though. Don’t want to keep those gross plane germs around.

Emergency iPhone battery extender – I think it might be my worst fear to be stuck in the airport without a phone. I never want to let my phone go dead, but sometimes you get stuck in the airport for a long time. And, let’s face it…I’m constantly on my phone using up tons of battery. I always have my normal iPhone charger with me, but it can be tough to snag a spot next to an available outlet. To avoid having to roam around looking for somewhere to plug in my phone, I always bring my battery extender. I have a Mophie pack but I love these fun Jonathan Adler battery extenders as well!

Comfy Shoes – traveling can make for a long day with a ton of walking and hustling around. I always go out of O’Hare and it is a huge airport! I wouldn’t want to be stuck running around with uncomfortable shoes. I love these Cole Haan flats because they are simple, easy to pack, and beyond comfortable. They come in a bunch of different colors, too – which is nice. My mom and I usually get them from the outlet whenever we are there. They make amazing travel shoes (city shoes too!). No blisters here!

Tissues – this might sound weird, but I find myself always needing tissues while I am traveling. Whether I need to blow my nose or get rid of my gum, I always bring AT LEAST two little tissue packs in my carry on bag. You never know when you will need one, and I always keep a pack of them out in the seat pocket in front of me on the plane.

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