Favorite Soup Recipes

Just because it’s officially spring, doesn’t mean the weather has caught up yet. While yesterday was bright and sunny in Chicago, it was only a high of 40 degrees outside – still pretty chilly!

That being said, until it officially warms up, I’m still all about the soups when it comes to weekly meal planning. I love soups because they are easy to make, relatively healthy, and great to take for lunch if there are leftovers! Before college, I didn’t even like soup. Now, I am obsessed with them!

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Here are some of my favorite soup recipes if you’re looking for an easy and delicious meal:

Stuffed pepper soup from Skinnytaste – this is a hearty soup that will leave you full since it includes meat. My mom always makes this with brown rice and it is so yummy…plus healthy and easy.

Italian Orzo Spinach Soup from Gimme Some Oven – this soup is very easy to make and is really yummy. Plus, you can make it with any pasta that you want (I made it with bowtie pasta)

Cauliflower Chowder by Two Peas & Their Pod – I love cauliflower and this soup is incredibly creamy and delicious. Maybe not the healthiest option, but it’s perfect on a chilly night with some crackers or bread!

Cream of…anything – I am a huge fan of “cream of….insert vegetable here” soup. So far this winter, I made cream of cauliflower, cream of zucchini, and cream of broccoli soup. I also love cream of asparagus! You can do it with almost any vegetable, which is the nice thing. I just use the Better Homes and Gardens recipe from my classic cookbook (thanks, Mom!).

Let me know for your favorite soup recipes before the weather is too warm to eat soup! Bonus points for recipes that are made in a crock pot!

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