Best Birthday Gifts for Girls

I feel like I haven’t had to buy any birthday gifts in a while! But, I’ve started thinking of ideas for some friends who have upcoming birthdays, which got me thinking of what good “staple” birthday gifts are for girlfriends. It can be tough to think of gift ideas, sometimes, especially if you’ve already bought this person gifts in the past or if their birthday happens to fall close to another holiday. Or…some people just seem to have everything already!

Even so, there are some gifts that anyone would love. Here are some of my favorite staple gift ideas for every girl on your list:

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Spa kit – who doesn’t love getting new beauty and pampering items? You can choose from a ton of different products to make this gift unique and tailor it to the recipient. I love the fridge eye masks – they’re awesome for a DIY spa day and come in handy for headaches or after a long, stressful day at work staring at your computer. I recently gave a friend some of the Sephora face masks as part of a birthday gift and she told me she loved it! Nail polishes are always fun and useful, and bubble bath is also something I’m sure everyone would love to receive. My sister got the Amope nail care system for Christmas and loves it – it works great! Those are just some of many fun ideas for a gift centered around pampering!

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Stationery – I always love getting stocked up on stationery and also love receiving stationery items as gifts. There are so many options out there – you can match it to almost all personalities and don’t have to stick to just basic boxed cards if you don’t want to. Some of my favorite stationery picks are the personalized May Designs notebooks, fun post it notes, cute pens, out of the ordinary desk accessories, and – of course – beautiful and unique cards.

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Food and drinks – for friends that love to eat out or have favorite food and drink spots, I’m sure gift cards are most appreciated. Whenever I give a gift card, though, I like to pair it with a small gift so I’m not only giving a card and have something for my friend to actually open. You can tailor the gift to the theme of whatever gift card you are giving. For example, for a coffee lover receiving a Starbucks card, a bag of gourmet coffee or a cute to go mug works perfectly. For someone who loves sweets, chocolate covered Oreos, cute ice cream bowls, or a candy dish makes a fun gift.

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Cosmetics – a cosmetic kit is always such a cute and useful gift – not to mention fun to put together! There are so many adorable cosmetic cases out there – I love the Vera Bradley ones and the Vera store near me even does monogramming right on site! Inside, the options of what to put are endless! For someone who travels a lot, little trial sized items are a good idea – and you can find those anywhere from at CVS and Target or at Ulta and Sephora. For someone who loves makeup, you can fill it with lip glosses, eyeshadows, makeup remover wipes, and so on. For those who keep their beauty routine simpler, you can include chap sticks and hand cream – super useful! Or, you can do a mix of all of the above and throw in some of your favorite products (that’s usually what I do!). The best thing about this gift is that it is great for anyone and can be as inexpensive or expensive as you want it to be since the options are so limitless.

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