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I just finished The Girl with No Past by Kathryn Croft last night so I wanted to post my thoughts on it…

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My feelings on it are mixed. I definitely found it very intriguing and didn’t want to stop reading. However, when I first started reading I was very confused as you jump right into the story and have no back story on the main character. I guess that is kind of the point – the main character, Leah, is mysterious and we don’t know what in her past she is running away from. But, nonetheless, it was confusing.

I did think that the book was well written and that the characters were interesting. Since the background story is undistinguished, the entire time I was reading I found it difficult to trust anything that was happening. I thought every event was suspicious or corrupt. Again, that might have been the overall point of the plot.

I thought the ending came together well. When I first started getting towards the end, I thought the build up was all for nothing, but there did end up being a surprising twist.

Overall, I thought this book was good – not great. It was interesting and engaging and I enjoyed reading it, so it was worth the read but nothing unbelievable.

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