Beach Bag Essentials

I am so excited to get to the beach on vacation. And of course, with that comes the need for a fully packed beach bag. Although you don’t need too much to be prepared for an amazing day of fun in the sun, you still do need a few things. Here’s what I keep in my beach bag:

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.58.37 PM

Shell bag – at one of my favorite beaches in the world, there is tons of great shelling. I love these Hayden Reis shell bags to keep them in until you get them home. I also love the Hayden Reis swimsuit bags for a wet suit if you’re like me and change before heading back from a day at the beach. If you don’t have one of those, a plastic bag or big Ziploc gets the job done too!

Mini brush – my hair gets so tangled if I go swimming, so I always like to have a brush on hand.

Chapstick with SPF – the sun dries my lips out so badly, so I try my best to keep them moisturized with SPF on them while I’m on vacation.

Sunscreen – this is an obvious one. For my face, I like to use the Nuetrogena Clear Face sunscreen since I have sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to lotion with lots of oil in it.

Mini bluetooth speaker – it’s always fun to be able to listen to some music on the beach, and a little mini speaker is the perfect solution. I have one I got for like $20 at TJ Maxx, so I don’t care if it gets sandy, but it still works great!

Water bottle – when I’m at the beach I get so hot and it’s important to stay hydrated. I always try to bring a big bottle of ice water with me to stay cool, and I love this cool mist bottle. You can spritz yourself when you get really hot!

Sunglasses – I always end up with terrible sunglass tan lines because I constantly wear them when I’m reading on the beach…but oh well.

I also of course always bring my Kindle (or a book) in my beach bag along with my phone. I try to stick some Ziploc bags in there in case I want to put something like my phone in one for protection.

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