A Guide to Carry On Packing

I am going on vacation this weekend so obviously I spent a lot of the week getting ready to leave. There is so much to do before you go away, especially when you are busy with work and other day to day things.

For this trip, I am just doing carry on because I’m only going to be gone five days. Having such limited space can be a challenge because…let’s be honest…I tend to over pack. You just never know what you might need! To make it easier, I broke down what I will need in my carry on bag (besides the clothes, of course!) to be fully prepared for the trip:

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Make up – obviously. Just the staples. I don’t go too crazy on this.

Vaseline – I like to bring vaseline because it can be used for so many things. You can use it on dry skin, on your lips, or as a makeup remover.

Travel tooth brush – I usually bring two just in case something happens to the first one!

Travel toothpaste – over the fall, Rue La La sent me a ton of samples of the Tom’s toothpaste, so I have tons of travel toothpaste to pack on all of my trips!

Mini brush – more compact than your full sized brush and works the same!

Advil – definitely need this, just in case. I usually get the travel sized Advil bottle and then replace the regular aspirin with the Liquigels because I like those better.

Neosporin and band aids – You never know when you will need this, so it’s good to have it on hand. Better safe than sorry!

Face wipes – I like the Simple Skin Care face cleansing wipes for travel because it is easier than bringing normal face wash in a carry on. These work great and are perfect for sensitive skin like mine.

Deodorant – don’t want to get caught without that!

Chapstick – make sure to bring chapstick with SPF if you are going on a beach trip!

Wisp mini brushes – particularly for during travel, these are perfect for on the go. They work well and are so teeny and just easy.

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Emergen-C packets – I am obsessed with Emergen-C and think it’s important to load up on them for trips. The Super Orange and Raspberry flavors are my favorite.

Clorox to-go wipes – I always bring these on planes and wipe down the tray table and arm rests with these. I also use them to wipe down my hotel rooms, just to get rid of any gross germs that I do not want to encounter.

Hand sanitzer – this is a complete necessity for me whenever I am traveling!

Emergen-Zzzz – this is a relatively new product that works well. If you have a long flight, this will help you get some rest on the plane while boosting your immune system. If you’re like me and have a hard time sleeping in new and unfamiliar places, this is also useful to aid in that

Travel blanket – most airlines don’t give them out anymore, but airline blankets are full of germs, so it’s always better to bring your own and wash it after each plane ride to keep it germ-free.

Lysol to go spray – this is a good alternative to the wipes to keep everything you touch during your travel clean as a whistle.

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Kindle and charger- I would die if I forgot my Kindle on a trip! So useful on the plane, in the airport, and most importantly while lounging on the beach.

Phone charger – definitely don’t want to forget that!

iPhone Mophie Pack – especially if you get stuck in the airport, you’re going to want this battery extender when you’re on the go.

Headphones – this is the number one ting I forget on trips! Then, I always regret it, because I end up unable to watch the little airport TV or listen to Spotify while I’m waiting at the airport.

Cord Taco – I love these little accessories to keep all your cords organized in your carry on bag. So easy and so cute!

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Mini pouch – I love the little Lolo pouches to keep stuff like jewelry together in one place while traveling. They are light and compact, which is great (and not to mention they’re super cute).

Sunglasses – you don’t want to forget these, especially if you’re headed someplace tropical!

Socks – I always like to pack some socks to wear on the plane as I tend to take my shoes off for the ride.

Crossbody bag or wristlet – I stick this in my carry on for once I get to my final destination to use during the trip

Shoes – can’t forget any additional pairs of shoes you will want for the trip!

Scarf – scarves are great on planes because you can use them to protect your mouth against germs and also to keep warm (I’m always freezing on airplanes!).

Neck pillow – these make a big difference when it comes to being comfortable when traveling! Make sure to wash it as soon as you can after it’s on the plane, though.

Sleep mask – these are good to have on your trip if you need darkness to rest on the plane or even when you’re sleeping on a nightly basis.

To go cup – I like to bring to-go cups on vacation to bring my own drinks to the beach or pool.

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Cash – when you’re traveling, it’s always a good idea to have a bit of cash on hand, just in case you need it.

Credit/Debit cards – I always double – no…triple! – check my wallet for my cards for vacation. If you’re going somewhere internationally, it’s a good idea to let your bank know so that they don’t flag charges as fraudulent when it’s being used in a new place.

Wallet – self explanatory! I love the Kate Spade travel wallets as they have room for your boarding passes, a pen, and tons of slots for cards and other items.

Gum – to stop your ears from popping on the plane. Plus, it keeps your breath smelling fresh!

Passport/ID – can’t get on the plane without these…so they are a must!

Luggage tag – I like to put a luggage tag with my travel information on even my carry on bag. You never know when you’ll have to gate check your carry on, and this is just insurance to ensure your bag does not get lost.

A to- go bag – I keep one of these (or even just a plastic shopping bag will do) in my carry on bag to put my dirty clothes in so they don’t get all mixed up with the clean clothes on the way home. That way, when I get home – I know exactly what to wash! Another great trip (that Khloe Kardashian talked about using – hehe) is to turn whatever you wear inside out before putting it back into your luggage so you know when you get home it is dirty.

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