Purse Essentials

When you’re on the go, there are a lot of things you need to make sure you are prepared for any situation. I swap my bags a good amount, but I always keep basically the same things in each purse no matter what. Here is what I like to keep on hand in each bag:

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Listerine pocket packs – this is one of the things I also keep on hand at work, and I keep them with me in almost every purse, too! These are the best for when you’re leaving a meal out and want to freshen up, or if you just feel like you need a refresher when you’re out and about. I love that these are subtle and quick to use unlike gum, which can be distracting to chew if you’re talking to someone.

Chapstick – I hate the feeling of having chapped lips, so I try to keep chapsticks everywhere that I can. In my purse, at my desk, in my coat pockets…literally everyone. I keep it simple with Carmex because nothing works better.

Wallet – in my cross-body bag, I need a small wallet that is easy to carry. I like the J. Crew folding wallets because they are simple, cute, and easy! In my regular bag, I have a really cute velvet Juicy Couture bow wallet for the winter and just a simple black Kate Spade wallet for the other seasons.

Mini lint roller – especially during the winter, I feel like I always have lint on me or little pieces of fur from my coat. Keeping a lint roller nearby allows for those quick touchups on the go.

A pen – I always keep a pen in my bag (or wallet) because you never know when you’ll need one. I find that I always pull my pen out at restaurants when I’m signing the check and they gave me a pen with no ink or tons of other times when I find myself needing to write something down.

Mini deodorant – I keep deodorant on me all the time as I have a fear of smelling bad. Especially living in the city and walking everywhere, given it’s winter I get so bundled up and then end up so hot as soon as I go inside, especially if I am walking around shopping somewhere like the mall. It’s always good to have some deodorant on hand…just in case!

Hand sanitizer – again, living in the city, I find that I am constantly sanitizing my hands. Whether it’s after I get off the train or before I sit down to eat, I feel much cleaner and germ free after I use some.

Pocket pack tissues – I actually usually keep two packs of these in my purse. I hate nothing more than hearing people sniffle, so I make certain to never be guilty of doing it myself! It’s so cold out that it causes my nose to run, so I always like to have tissues on me.  The Kleenex ones are good but I am really not picky. Usually, I find a multi-pack of generic brand tissue packets in the Target dollar spot section and stock up on those!

Ponds lotion – Ponds makes the little travel sized pots of lotion and I love keeping one in my purse. I love it because I can use this lotion on my face without it causing me to breakout and it’s also good on dry hands.

Pill box – I keep a little pill box in my purse not actually for pills, but in case I ever need to take my jewelry off. The little compartments are perfect for rings or a delicate necklace to keep them safe if needed. This is great for if I forget to take my rings off before I go to the nail salon and don’t want to worry about forgetting my rings there.

Brush/mirror – these little pop out brush and mirrors are perfect for your purse because they are compact and two in one!

Tide to Go pen – I also keep these in my work emergency kit, but I think it’s important to have these while out and about, too. That way, if you spill your coffee on the way to work or drop some food on your blouse at lunch, you don’t need to worry about an embarrassing stain all day.

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