Bookends on my Wish List

Ever since I moved to Chicago and started living in an apartment, having such limited space has been quite an adjustment for me. After living with my parents where we had ample space…living in a one bedroom apartment with limited storage has been challenging at times. The thing is…I have a lot of stuff. In fact, a lot of my clothes and accessories are still in Connecticut! And still, we have a shortage of space here.

Anyways, there are certain items and pieces of furniture I’d love to have if we had enough room. One of those is a bookcase. I love reading and would love to display all of my favorite books and style a bookcase like I see all over Pinterest. So…in our next apartment this is an absolute must!

Since we will have more space hopefully in the near future, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect set of bookends for when I finally have my bookshelf. I have found some super cute ones. Here are the ones I am considering so far:

Piggy bookends from Material Possessions – this is a really cool store we have in our neighborhood. I saw these pig bookends and think they are adorable! I love their rustic color but playful stature.

Seashell bookends from One Kings Lane – I love the nautical feel of these and also am obsessed with vintage items! I think these would look so cool on a bookshelf.

Whale bookends from Anthropologie – another set of nautical bookends, these are simple enough but still make a statement.

Dachshund Book ends from Jonathan Adler (at Barnes & Noble) – my mom has these bookends which she received as a gift and I love how they look on our den bookshelf. The white color makes them stand out and since my family has two little dachshunds, they really are perfect.

Also…I love Pinterest for inspiration on how to style a bookshelf:

My Domaine | The Funky Bear | Debbie Debbie-Doos | Books are Perfection Tumblr

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