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So I am really not a makeup girl. At all! I really only know the basics and am perfectly content with that (although I do get super jealous of my friends and sister at all they can do!).

Despite the fact that I am limited in my makeup skills, from hairspray to lotions, I definitely have very specific beauty products that I love and use all the time. Here are my favorites and why I love them:

Detox Dry Shampoo – my sister is the one that introduced me to this dry shampoo and I absolutely love it. I have very thick hair and I hate spending a lot of time blowing it out. That being said, anything that can extend my blow out is a lifesaver. Not only does this product smell amazing, but it works so well and truly leaves my hair feeling refreshed.

L’Occitane Vanilla Hand Cream – especially now that it’s winter and my hands get drier than usual, I really rely on this hand cream. I love it because just a drop goes a long way and leaves my hands very soft and smelling great (without being overwhelming). This is pricy as far as hand cream goes, but is well worth the splurge.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Products – I have very sensitive skin, and ever since I started washing my face with The Body Shop Tea Tree wash (and also using the toner and lotion) my skin clarity has improved a bunch. This is a very gentle cleanser that I highly recommend to anyone with acne prone skin. I also love the Cool & Creamy face wash.

Matrix Flash Blow Dry Oil – yet another recommendation from my sister (she knows all the best stuff!). This hair product works wonders and makes my blow dry much quicker and is another product that makes my hair smell amazing. I also love how soft it makes my hair after my blow dry is finished.

The Wet Brush – honestly, I dread brushing my hair when I get out of the shower. But…this brush makes it that much better because it so easily untangles my hair and makes brushing quick and easy. I’ve only tried the original and did not even realize how many different versions there are. I will have to get one of ‘the squirt’ for my work bag!

Maybeline mascara – I am really not fancy with my makeup, especially when it comes to mascara. I love all the Maybeline ones, especially the one with the double brush. It is inexpensive and they work perfectly for day to day use.

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What are your favorite beauty products?

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