City Must Haves

Moving to a major city was a huge change for me after moving to Chicago from Connecticut. While the city definitely has a ton of conveniences…it did require some adjustment to get used to.

I think that the biggest change for me was that you get to walk everywhere instead of driving. Which I love! But…that being said, walking causes the need for certain items that I didn’t keep on hand quite as often in the suburbs. Here are the things I could not live without living in a city:

Cross body bag – I feel like a good cross body bag is essential to living in the city. Especially on the weekends, it is the only bag I use! I have a great one that is not only cute but it is a great shape and size and holds a ton (plus…it’s monogrammed!).

Umbrella – just like I find an umbrella to be important to keep on hand at work, I think this is a must to have on hand whenever I’m walking around a ton. A small and compact one is a perfect way to make sure your hand is not ruined by an impromptu rain storm!

Blister block – When I first moved here, I ended up with the WORST blisters. It was terrible. Ever since then, I am never caught without my blister block. This stuff is the best! It works wonders when you are walking around a lot. A definite must!

Cute sneakers – back in Connecticut, unless I was going to the gym I did not ever have much of a reason to wear sneakers. Here in Chicago, I wear casual sneakers all the time since I walk around so much. I love finding adorable pairs that are comfortable and sensible as I get so much use out of them. I love these Ugg sneakers – cute, affordable, and comfy!

iPhone power pack – especially when I am running errands or out and about all day, I always keep my Mophie pack in my purse. I don’t want to be caught with a dead phone, since I use it so much to find my way around. So, a power pack is the best solution! They are convenient and compact and definitely worth the investment.

Hand sanitizer – especially since I take public transportation a good amount, I like to keep hand sanitizer in my bag to stay germ free. During the winter it is extra important! I use it a good amount just for good measure. I like to Bath and Body works sanitizers because they are tiny and smell great!

What items do you not go without if you live in city?


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