The Best Housewarming Gifts: Guys Edition

So last week I blogged about the best housewarming gifts for gals – but what about guys?

I find boys so much more difficult to shop for than when I am buying for ladies. But…there are still a bunch of great gifts out there that boys would never think to buy themselves but that they would truly like and appreciate. Especially when a guy gets a bachelor pad…he probably could use some help sprucing the place up. Here are my favorite gifts for any guy’s new place:

Coffee table book – this might sound kind of weird, but there are tons of amazing coffee table books out there all geared towards hobbies that many guys enjoy. My sister and I got my dad this watch book for Christmas that he loves or there are other great choices out there (this golf one is sure to be a hit!). These are definitely something that they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves!

Alcohol – I mean…this one seems obvious. What guy wouldn’t love a bottle of his favorite bourbon or scotch to congratulate him on his new home? To go with this, a nice set of coasters is a great pairing or even something simple like whiskey rocks is a good companion. My mom got my boyfriend these neighborhood coasters for the holidays and we both love them!

Spice set – I used this one for gals too – but for guys you can totally customize it towards his style. If he likes to grill, there are tons of options for spices geared towards this. Plus, you can pair it with grilling accessories which is a nice touch. Crate and Barrel has so many options – from these fun skewers to a useful grill basket to mini meat thermometers!

Throw Blanket – this might sound weird and not super manly, but I feel like this is something very useful and also something that a guy wouldn’t always think to buy himself. There are tons of ‘manly’ throw blankets out there that are warm and cozy for just lounging on the couch. I love this Eddie Bauer one in plaid – we have one at our apartment and we get tons of use out of it.

Terrarium – I am obsessed with terrariums! I think they are just the cutest little plant and I love how all of them are so unique. These are a great gift for guys because they require little maintenance and look really cool in your house. These cube terrariums from West Elm are sure to look stylish in anyone’s new place.

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