The Art of the Thank You Note

Am I the only one extremely behind on my holiday thank you cards? I’ve written some but still have others to finish. Usually I am pretty on top of them…but for some reason I have just not kept up with them this season.

Nonetheless, I think that thank you cards are so important when someone gives you a gift. They are the perfect way to show people you appreciate the gift they gave you. However, there is nothing worse than a generic thank you card with no personalization. Thus…there is an art to writing them. Here are the most important components to a sincere thank you card:

Be specific – note in the card what gift you received instead of saying a generic, “thanks for the gift”. It is much more interesting to include the gift that you received and what you like about it so that the person receiving the card sees that the gift was meaningful to you.

Show them how much you love the gift – including in the note what you plan to do with the gift they gave you is a great indication of how much you love it. For instance, instead of simply stating “thanks so much for the fondue set!”, writing “Thank you so much for the fondue set! It means so much to me that you remembered how much I love chocolate. I am having some friends over to use it next week!”, gives off the genuine vibe that you appreciate the gift and will get use out of it.

Make it personal! – instead of just writing a message of thanks and that being the entirety of the card, make it more personal. Include a tidbit that relates to something you know about the person. For instance, mention that vacation you know they went on or their favorite pet. It makes the card more personalized and that can go a long way.

Thank you cards can be a snooze to write – but if you follow the rules above it can actually be fun. Plus, people love receiving hand written mail! Here are a few of my favorite stationery sets to splurge on before writing your thank you’s:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.01.52 AM

Expressionery Watercolor thank you cards  – this site always has great sales!

Crane & Co Hand Engraved thank you cards – simple and sweet

Bird thank you cards – how cute, right?!

Love and Thanks cards – love the shape!

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