Favorite Bathroom Products

Now that I have my own apartment and don’t live with my parents anymore, I realize how many little things you need for your home. Although the bathroom is the smallest room in our apartment, it requires so many products! Who would have thought?!

Between cleaning products, toiletries, and even decorative products…the bathroom requires a lot of upkeep. Here are my top bathroom musts:

Lysol Click Gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner – you know you are an adult when cleaning products excite you. These are so easy to use and smell great! Also they are pretty inexpensive. I always keep them in the closet.

Kleenex Hand Towels – I love having these in the bathroom because they are so easy to grab to dry your hands after washing them or dry your face after washing it. They’re great because then you don’t end up using a soggy towel that could have germs and bacteria on it.

Dove Spray Deodorant – while at first I was skeptical about spray deodorant, now it is pretty much all I use. You don’t have to worry about the white marks on your clothes from it, and it dries almost instantly. I usually keep one men’s and women’s in a basket in our bathroom. That way, when we have visitors if they need some it is right there.

Decorative Hand Towels – I love decorating for all seasons, so I always swap out our hand towels in the bathroom from season to season. You can always find fun ones at HomeGoods or Bed Bath and Beyond. They are a great touch!

Method Foaming Body Wash – I am obsessed with almost all of Method’s products and their foaming body wash is no exception. It is very easy on sensitive skin and leaves me feeling squeaking clean and smelling great. Sea Mist is my favorite scent.

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What are your favorite bathroom products?

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