Winter Must Haves

I am personally a warm weather person. Big time. That being said, the winter can be SUCH a downer. This being my first winter in Chicago, I was particularly nervous about surviving the subzero temperatures – especially since I have to walk around so much. Luckily, the winter has not been so bad so far (knock on wood!!). However, it still has been cold. The upside of that is, though, that there are definitely certain products that make the cold and winter more bearable. Here are my favorites:

Moisturizing gloves – okay, so YES I look like a freak sleeping with these on. And yes, half the time I wake up at 4am and I have taken them off and they’re lost somewhere in my bed. But still…these are the best! When my best friend visited over MLK weekend, we bought these – tired of rough, cracked hands. Between the cold and cleaning and doing dishes and washing hands, it was almost impossible to keep my hands from feeling dry. But with these puppies, all I have to do is – before bed – put on ample lotion (I like the Aveeno Stress Relief Lotion), and put these gloves on and I wake up with my hands feeling soft and smooth. And – they were under $10. Score! Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it…

Blanket Scarves – these are my new winter obsession! When I first saw them I thought it would feel overwhelming to wear something so massive, but they keep you super warm and also look cute! They are great because you can pull them over your face a bit to protect against the wind. I love this Mark & Graham one (also it makes a great monogrammed gift!).

Chapstick – as dry as my hands get during the winter, my lips are so much worse! Chapstick is my best friend during the winter. I keep them everywhere – in all my coat pockets, in my purse, my cross-body bag, at my desk, on my nightstand…you name it. I think Carmex is the best and I also like Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm.

Pedi Perfect – as you’ve probably noticed, the winter air dries out pretty much my entire body. I got the Pedi Perfect as a Christmas gift and it really works! That plus a good foot cream (I like Gold Bond) can do wonders for cracked and dry heels.

Warm pajamas – pajamas are maybe my favorite thing in the world. I would LIVE in my pajamas if I could (on the weekends I practically do…). I am no stranger to a warm, cozy, super comfy pajama set. That plus fuzzy socks and slippers are the best – and an absolute winter must. I love Munki Munki’s flannel pajamas sets.

What products can you not live without during the winter?


2 thoughts on “Winter Must Haves

  1. smepstein says:

    I can’t live without my Love Your Melon knit hat! It is by far the warmest hat I’ve ever owned, they’re all made in America, and the proceeds go to a really great cause!


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